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* J. Behring BIG SKINNER Artifact Walrus Ivory Musk Ox Butt Cap

* J. Behring BIG SKINNER Artifact Walrus Ivory Musk Ox Butt Cap

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This J. Behring Handmade Big Skinner is as nice as they come. Nice upswept hand forged blade made of old school rudy Ruana  style 1095 steel. Convex ground to perfection with a nice deep stamp. Blade is a full 6" long and hand forged down to about .250. thick and extra wide 1 7/8". Nickel silver guard  with black,green,copper  and brass spacers. The hidden tang handle is acient artifact fossil walrus ivory with wonderful color from being under the perma frost for the last several thousand years. I always have my ivory stabilized. Last and will not shrink or change at all. I finished off this handle with a piece of Musk Ox boss material. Its put on in a way that it will never come off. Nice black spacer between the ivory and the ox to set it off nice. OAL is about 11". The sheath is made in house with the very best herman oaks veg tanned latiago 9oz leather. Heavy duty  hard core sheath with a #7 stitch and stainless steel rivets.  Priced to sell. there far and few and this knife is date stamped for 2016. Thanks, Jim

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