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J. Behring BIG 6 Hammermark Leather Crotch Stag

J. Behring BIG 6 Hammermark Leather Crotch Stag

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This treeman handmade hunter is a knife for the man that want something heavy duty and  a little larger than the average hunter. big wide 6" blade hand hammered from high grade 5160 M spring steel. Hollow ground  with  hammermarks  and a choil. I used my Anvil stamp on this blade and its smacked in deep. The nickel silver guard is silver soldered . The hidden tang handle is hand cut horsehide with thick old school maroon fiber ,black and old westinghouse ivory micarta.  The horse hide is 3 times tougher than cow and it finishes better than any leather will anyday. Horsehide is getting hard to find these days and its very expensive thats one reason most makers never use it. I only use the best of everything and always will.  Overall is about 11 1/2". Stainless steel thick wall lanyard with a nickel pin through the .250 thick tang. The crotch on this working piece of art is old as dirt and came off a whyoming mule deer. Solid as marble and wonderful color.  Great all around handmade classic  priced to sell. Thanks, Jim B

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