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J. Behring .308 DBL Skull Fighter

J. Behring .308 DBL Skull Fighter

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This is  a first for the web site. I  made a handful of these .308 Double Skull fighters for the blade show in Atlanta. They sold out the first day during set up. I  plan on making many more this year . The blade is  hand forged and  8 1/2" long on this knife with a full 1/4" thick and an Rc of 57. Hand hammered from high quality American made 1095 carbon steel.  Convex grind with nice deep stamps and a double brass silver soldered guard. The hidden tang runs almost to the end of the pinned domed brass butt cap. The pimmed stag handle is premium hand picked sambar stag   along with a one of a kind stack of hand cut washers made of vintage westinghouse ivory micarta , green linen,thick black fiber and thin brass. Real nice lines and curves  and will fit just about any hand like it was made just for you.  The hig quality hand made mosher  sheath has a stone pouch and tie down . Stone is signed and dated.  Overall length of this knife is 14 1/4" from tip to butt. These big fighters are labor intense and the domed bgut caps are  an added feature you seldom see any more because there a pain to make correctly. They add  a solid feel to the knife and finish it off  like the hood ornament on an old Cadillac . This .308 is priced to sell. Thanks, Jim Behring

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