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Double Skull Fighter

Double Skull Fighter

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This is  one hell of a double skull fighter.  I  sharpened the top clip for about 3 " . Hollow ground hand forged 1095  carbon steel with a sliver soldered double brass guard.  The handle is stacked hand cut horsehide with some brick red ,black and old westinghouse ivory  and a few thin brass  . The crotch stag mule deer butt has a thong hole  and also pinned so it will stay together for dam near ever. Thats a long time ! I  made a knife like this for a Force Recon marine  that ended up on the ground with two bad guys in Africa . He killed both of them with the knife. Saved his life ... Pretty cool when you know you make a difference.  Anyway no bullshit just the facts. Overall length is about 13 1/2". The handle is swelled  so it feels good in the hand and  it comes with an old school wide mouth rough back sullivan sheath.  i  also signed and dated the stone  . Great fighter and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim Behring

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