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Copper Harbor Skinner Artifact Walrus Ivory

Copper Harbor Skinner Artifact Walrus Ivory

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This J. Behring Treeman handmade Copper Harnbor Skinner has a 5 3/4" hand hammered  convex ground heavy duty blade.  This knife has the new J. BEHRING TREEMAN STAMP along with the new USA 2014 on the back side of the blade.  The nickel silver guard is silver soldered with a flawless bead to make this llike a one-piece knife.  The artifact ivory handle has wonderful color and just the right size to fit any hand!!  all our ivory is stablized.  The hand spacers are green linen, copper, black, brass and nickel.   OAL is 10 3/4" and comesin a custom made loop back high ride cattail leather sheath.


This knife is a REAL HANDFUL  This ivory is not something you see everyday!! Thank you, Dee

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