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Alaskan hammer mark AAA Red Stag from Hell !

Alaskan hammer mark AAA Red Stag from Hell !

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This Treeman Alaskan hammermark has a hand forged 5 1/4" hand hammered 5160 spring steel blade. Hollow ground  withj a nickel silver soldered guard. Spacers are hand cut old bone linen micarta with black ,thin red fiber and copper. Handle is AAA super high grade sambar stag and RED as it gets with wonderful grain and color. I finished it off with a pinned copper butt plate  and a copper hidden tang pinn.  OAL is aboput 10 1/2". Comes in a TMK leather shop special "Last Two Sheath" Horsehide lined with a heavy stitch in gold. Black rivets with 2 loops made to hold a vast aray of different calibers from 45 colt to 7MM STW and every in between with a simular shell casing size.

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