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Alaskan Drop Point Hammermark Red Stag

Alaskan Drop Point Hammermark Red Stag

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This J. Behring handmade Alaskan hammermark has a hand forged 5 " blade  1/4" thick and made of the very best vintage spring steel with a 14" hollow grind  razors edge and an edge thats  thick enough to take hard use and thin enough to slice real nice. . . The  Silver soldered guard is brass  along with the 1/8" thick but cap. The but cap on this  knife is silver soldered pined and the pin goes down in an 1/4" drill hole full of 2 ton epoxy so it wont pop off in the cold or when it gets smacker around a little made to stay on . I  see other knives lose there but caps because there only glued on. the stamp is the TREEMAN HANDMADE stamp. Thumb notches  to give you good control when chocking up  skinning game.  The spacers are all hand cut and its a one of a kind pattern. Old maroon  with  old westinghouse ivory micarta with some brass copper and black fiber. The hidden tang runs  almost to the end of the  handle   and the premium red stag sambar carver  is pinned thru the tang and also 2 ton epoxyed for superior strength.  Overall is 10" long and  comes with a custom made sheath.

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