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A Westerner birds head musk Ox Cowboy Hunter

A Westerner birds head musk Ox Cowboy Hunter

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This J. Behring handmade hunter has a 4 1/4" hand hammered blade made of the very best vintage spring steel. Flawless convex grind with a razors edge shaving sharp. This blade is nice and wide 1 3/8" and silver soldered to the cartridge quality brass guard this guard is really a guard that will keep your fingers from sliding across the blade when cutting up big game. The birds head handle is genuine musk ox horn that has been stabilized   . Very beautiful durable material that will hold its shine and look good for many years. Musk ox is hard to come by and very expensive when you are lucky enough to find it.  I hand cut a nice stack of marooon , black, thin brass thin black and old Westinghouse ivory to pull it all together.  The stamp is the >.BEHRING HANDMADE & knife cris  along with small michiganon the back side. Overall length is about8 3/4 from tip to butt. Comes in a high ride leather sheath. This will look good along side your colt peacemaker on your next ride. Priced to sell.

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