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A Treeman Hippo Tooth Heavy Duty Caper

A Treeman Hippo Tooth Heavy Duty Caper

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This Treeman Heavy Duty Caper has a 3 5/*" studebaker spring blade  convex ground to perfection. The cartridge quality silver soldered brass guard  keep your fingers off the blade.  The custom cut spacers are all hand stacked and always a one of a kind arrangement. The hidden tang handle has a killer stabilized hippo tooth handle  that not only looks great iits shaped  well and fills up the hand just right. Best of all this working piece of art comes in a one off Treeman Leather shop herman oaks leather lined with high end 3oz leather and stitcked  with a # 7 stitch and high garde auto motive brass rivets. This will be the most solid feeling best made pouch you will even own I promise. Its the best ! Made to fit the knife not cokkie cutter  over and over crap. Priced to sell, Jim Behring

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