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7" Hunter-Fighter Stag Lanyard

7" Hunter-Fighter Stag Lanyard

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 This J.Behring Handmade hunter/fighter has a 7" blade made of american made 1095  steel with a convex  grind and a razor sharp edge that will stay sharp and sharpen up with little effort.   The silver soldered double guard is brass. The hidden tang handle has a wonderful old school spacer arrangement or hand cut green, vintage westing house ivory micarta ,thin maroon, black with brass. The extra long handle will fit just about any hand and feel like it was custom made for you.  Hand picked stabilized sambar stag with a real good looking blonde bark all around. I  added a lined lanyard hole  and domes the butt . Great  knife for any out door adventure.  Comes in a handmade treeman leather shop riveted stone pouch sheath. Made of the very best herman oaks quality 9 oz leather with a tan stitch.  Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim Behring  

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