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Treeman Montana Trout Knife Fossil Ivory Musk Ox butt cap

Studebaker spring Steel
SKU: tmk810
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This little gem is the perfect knife for the steak house of the trout stream. Hand forged studebaker spring steel blade with a convezx grind. Super sharp .100 thick blade 3 1/2" long. Guard is nickel and silver soldered to perfection. Hiddent runs almost to the end of the wonderful artifact Fossill ivory handle.  Little stack of custom cut spacers for accent. I finished the handle off with a musk ox bark stabilized butt capp. Drilled and attatached with two tone epxooy. Nice long handle with an OAL of about 7 5/8". Rocco made a custom fit pouch sheath with stainless steel rivets. Great little knife and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim