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Michigan Skinner Heavy Duty AAA Sambar Stag Green Spacers Big compass

Killer Treeman Leather shop AAA Buffalo lined Mahogany Herman Oaks leather pouch sheath . None better !
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This Treeman heavy Duty Hunter has a hand forged blade made of old school 5160 Spring steel. Convex ground with a razor sharp edge. Date stamped  along with a flawless silver soldered nickel guard. The handle is  the very best AAA sambar stag and its got  the color and bark we all look for in stag.  Nice big handle and just the right shape to fit just about any hand. The Sheath is one of the first  Treeman leather shop  works or art. First class  lined  with buffalo hide and stitched with a high grade straw colored stitch.  Perfect fit and finish and stout  along with custom made rivets.  This is a badd ass rig and its priced to sell. Just in time for deer season thats coming up very fast. Thanks for looking. Jim Behring