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*J.Behring Handmade Trout & Deer Red STAG Musk Ox

4 1/4" Blade Musk Ox butt Cap 9" OAL Handmade Treeman Leather Shop sheath!!
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This J.Behring Treeman handforged trout & deer has a 4 1/4" handforged blade made of old school spring steel.  The hidden tang handle has a nickel silver guard with a flawless bead of solder making this like a one piece knife.  The hand-cut spacers are  vintage green micarta and westinghouse ivory with thin black and aluminum spacers with that old school look you just dont see any more.   The pinned red smabar stag has wonderful  color and grain and finished off with a Musk Ox butt cap[ that not only looks great and will never come off like some other knives we all know.  The OAL is 9" and comes in a walnut Rocco made in or leather shop with the very best  herman oaks leather and automotive grade rivits.  All made in house in Michigan the old school way . Thanks, Jim