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J.Behring Handmade Michigan Hunter

Michigan Hunter Hammermark
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This Treeman handmade Michigan Hunter has a 4 1/4" long hand forged Hammer Mark blade made with 5160 steel. The blade is beat down to about .0250 making a solid feeling blade. Silver soldered nickel guard with thick black, thin brass, copper white and red spacers. Nice pinned Red stag handle and finished off with a domed nickel butt cap.   Badd ass !  Stamped with a J.Behring Handmade stamp and USA 2016 date stamp. OAL is about 9 1/4" and Rc of 57.  The Treeman Leather Shop is over the top 8/9 ounce herman oak leather in Rocco's signature "antique" finish.  Heavy stitch and automotive grade stainless rivets. It will out last most and do it looking good too. Nice package and priced to sell.