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*Zolan McCarty Walrus Ivory Scagel Style Engraved Camp/Fighter Knife

Thomaston, Georgia
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This Zolan McCarty knife is about as nice as you will ever find anywhere. One of my all time favorite McCarty knives. Zolen passed away a few years back  and as far as we know his knives are highly collectible and he was very well known in the knife making world. Zolan McCarty lived and worked in his workshop in Thomaston, GA. Zolan sold most of his knives and local gun and knife shows in his area in south Georiga. His work has become highly collectible and very sought after as a good solid investment and you just don't see his knives come up for sale very often. Nobody wants to give them up ! He made enough knives to make them collectible and there still a good buy. This Zolan McCarty Scagel style fighter has a 6" blade about .250 thick with all the curves in the right places. Just like Betty page ! Double nickel guard  with a full engrave  and a tapered tang handle with walrus ivory scales. Engraved but as well and 4 pins with a dark red liner. You might see a few dark spots on the handle,thats the bark  that was left on the slabs not a problem, like this since the day it was made for sure. Sheath is original to the knife and very well made. Marked on the back Ivory Bowie engr. Call it what ever you want. Its a piece of history . Great knife and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim Behring

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