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Zolan McCarty Scagel Style Camp Knife Ivory

Walrus Ivory Mint Knife
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Zolan passed away a few years back  and his knives are highly collectible .Zolan was very well known in the knife making world. Zolan McCarty lived and worked in his workshop in Thomaston, GA. Zolan sold most of his knives and local gun and knife shows in his area of south Georiga. His work has become highly collectible and very sought after as a good solid investment ,you  don't see his knives come up for sale very often like these for sure.This McCarty Scagel Style Camp Knife has a 7" hollow ground blade with all the right curves and a perfect fit and finish. Full .250 thick stainless steel blade with a silver solderd nickel guard and a 4 pin walrus ivory tapered tang handle with bolster butt and laynyard hold. Dam nice Camp knife and come in a very well original to the knife sheath. Just might have to keep this one for myself. Thanks, Jim Behring