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Treeman Woodcamp Old School 8"

Heavy duty 8" blade with TREEMAN ANVIL stamp Nickel guard and pinned nickel but caps.
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J.Behring Handmade Wood/Camp handforged 8" blade made of old school spring steel.  Big sweeping blade with the woodcraft  top clip. This gives a knife more cutting edge and more forward weight when your chopping or slicing  through heavy meat and bone.   The hidden tang handle has a nickel silver guard and a flawless bead of silver solder. New anvil stamp struck in deep and clear as a bell.  Date stamp on the back side same way.  All the spacers are hand cut horsehide with copper,brass ,black and maroon fiber. I  finished it all off with a killer south dakota mule deer shed crotch butt  with nickel silver pinned butt caps.  .OAL is13+This is a heavy duty chopper with a handmade Treeman leather shop  two tone herman oaks leather sheath.  Great rig and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim Behring Treeman