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Welling 6" Hunter Brass/Brass leather handle

No longer made
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This Ron Welling knife has a 6" hand forged blade with a silver soldered brass guard . Blade is made of 1085 with a nice temper line. Handle is stacked leather with a bunch of brass,black and red spacers and best of all a brass pommel. Oal is about 11". Welling made knives for many years along with Lucie, Noren and Jerry Van all for the west side of Michigan around fruitport ,Michigan . William Scagels old neighborhood. Scagel inspired all of these guys to make knives including me. I heard Welling in no longer making knives .He dod not come to the blade show . Also heard Ruana is closing there doors . hope its just a rumor. I bought  a slug of knives at blade show. There priced to sell for about half of the makers retail.  Keep an eye on the web site. Thanks, Jim