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Vintage Marbles Trailmaker Leather Stag 10 1/4" Near Mint Blade

Made in the 50s with a near mint original finish on the blade . Nice stamps and a killer sheath.
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This old vintage  made in the USA at the old Marbles factory in Gladstone Michigan back in the 50s. Wonderful full blade 10 1/4" long  that has never been cleaned or screwed with at all. The stamps are wonderful and the leather stag handle is  like new. Blade has a few patina spots here and there  and confirms that its original. Original is way better than cleaned and polished . Even a worn out well used  knife is better than a cleaned  and re finished blade. many of the vintage marbles were ruined buy  a few of the old timers that dealt heavy in the old marbles knives. They're gone now so the carnage might stop.  The sheath is an exact replica made in my leather shop to the old specs. Looks great and is better made that the original. I  bought about 15 vintage marbles and they are all missing the leather.  Not much you can do . Rather have a perfect copy than no sheath at all.  Great old Trailmaker and its priced to sell. Thanks, Jim Behring