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Vintage Ka-Bar Knife Axe Combo Set 1960s

Leather Aluminum near mint un used mint embossed leather
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This is as nice as they come ! Made in the late 50/60s  Ka-Bar knife axe combo set with stacked leather handles and aluminum pommels.  The axe has a few natural patina spots and  is 11" long with a 4" tall head  in dam near mint condition. never used or sharpened just a closet queen. The knife has a 5 1/2" blade  is  flawless with no signs of any use or sharpening. Both knife and axe has the etched asteras on the blade along with brass guards and cool spacer patterns.  There a little different but still the same era and have been together for oover 60 years. Got them from the original owner and there priced to sell. hard to find cool stuff like this anymore. Most of it has been recycled through Ebay  and fiddle fuc*&% all to hell.  Thanks, JIm Behring

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