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Ultra Phalanx 6" Sawteeth "D" Guard

THIS IS AVAILABLE WITH ANY HANDLE OR BLADE COLOR OR SHEATH we offer. Ultra Phalanx 6" Sawteeth " D" Guard Black Cerakote blade finish ~ Camo Canvas Micarta handle ~Treeman Handmade Sheath
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The Treeman Combat Ultra Phalanx D-Guard has all the same specs as our original 7.5” Ultra Phalanx with the addition of a D-Guard all one piece construction. This Treeman Ultra has a 6” blade with 6" of cutting edge. It was machined and hand ground from 1/4" high carbon tool steel and has the Cerakote bake on finish for superior durability and protection from elements. The full tang design has either Canvas, Linen or G10 Micarta grips with barrel screws. This knife is badass and is ready to go to combat or in your bug out bag with a solid feel and an excellent grip in either hand. Just ask George from Modern Combative Systems The thong loop will keep the knife in your hand, where it belongs and the overall length is 13 1/2".  Available in Treeman handmade leather or Kydex.  Specs for this 6” Ultra Phalanx :

Blade: O1 Tool ** RC:56 high tech vacuum heat treat

Blade length:6”

Thickness: 1/4"

Finish: Black

Handle: Camo Canvas Micarta

Sheath Treeman Handmade Leather