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Ultra Phalanx 6" Knife Sheath

Ultra Phalanx 6" knife sheath Od Green Kydex~ Free Shipping
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A kydex  Sheath that snaps in and snaps out like a clip going into a .45. Your knife will stay in the sheath no matter what situation you find yourself in! The nylon cloth lining protects the knife and insures a tight fit and will not scratch the blade. As we all know many Kydex sheaths being made are poorly fit and unlined and cause the knife to rattle around and scratch your blade. This will never happen with this high quality C4 made sheath . It's a lifetime knife not some piece of crap from the discount catalog. It  can be adjusted to a high ride or side carry left or right hand the best thing about these sheaths is they’re  lined with a nylon material that will keep the blade from getting buggered up . Great design and all hand made by a true craftsman.