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Ultra Phalanx 6" D-Guard Sawteeth

BLACK OPS SPECIAL!! Black Cerakote Black G10 Black Kydex
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This is the Ultra Phalanx D guard 6". Possibly the best all around combat knife you can own. Made from one solid plate of 1/4 " O1 tool steel. Steel made for knives not frying pans Thats why they call it tool steel. Knives are tools. Nice balance and the best hand protection there is on any knife. This is the exact same Ultra as the standard knife that some of the guys from Seal Team 4 carry but with the addition of the D Guard. These knives are handmade and machined so all the screws line up perfect every time on all knives so you can change out handles from knife to knife .We use USA made high quality O1 tool steel and heat treat it to perfection to 56RC. This knife has a very tough Cerakote blade finish. Overall length is 12" from tip to butt. Blade is 6 " from the front of the guard. Full 1/4" thick with a flawless grind fit and finish and engraved stamps not some laser crap or cheap etching. The handles on this Ultra  Phalanx  are either G 10 or Canvas Micarta. With either black or gray barrel screws. The D Guard will protect your hand along with the multi propose skull crusher glass breaker butt with a thong hole. Available in Treeman leather or Kydex.  This is the Rolex of Combat knives made for the Professional soldier, survivalist or anybody who wants the very best knife that might just save your life some day. When the shit hits the fan make sure you have high quality gear, it will make a difference in the end. Thanks, Jim Behring


RC 56

Blade: Black


Sheath:Blk. Kydex