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Trout & Deer Hippo Boss Musk Ox Spacer

J. Behring Handmade Trout & Deer Hippo tooth and Boss Musk Ox Spacer 8.5 OAL
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 J. Behring Hnadmade Trout & Deer with all the curves and lines we all like to see in a handmade knife. This knife as a hand hammerforged  studebaker spring steel blade with  a convex grind and a razor sharp edge. The  Blade is 4" long  and convex ground  with a silver soldered nickel guard. The handle is  hippo tooth Ivory  with a musk ox boss spacer  with boht being stabilized for  a solid life time crack free handle. The  sheath is a hand made mosher carved watter lily. Great rig and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim B