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Treeman Combat Knives


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Original 8" Combat Bowie

The original Treeman Combat Bowie.

Original 8" Combat Bowie w/ Saw

The original Treeman Combat fighter w/ Saw Teeth

Original 8"Bowie D Guard Sawteeth

The original Treeman Combat D guard w/ Saw Teeth

Original 8” Combat Bowie D Guard

The original Treeman Combat w/ D Guard

T.A.S.S. Seal Team Combat Knife

Teams and Shit Shank As seen in BLADE magazine Annual Military Issue December 2014

Ultra Phalanx 7.5"

Seal Team Knife

Ultra Phalanx 7.5" w/ Saw Teeth

The Knife that got the Treeman combat line started The Original Seal Team Knife

Ultra Phalanx 7.5" w/ D Guard

One piece knife with 100% product guarantee

Ultra Phalanx 7.5"D-Guard Sawteeth

One Piece construction made from 01 tool steel 100% Guarantee

Combat Machete

The best Machete money can buy!

Combat Machete D Guard

Forward Weighted One Piece D-guard machete

Ultra Phalanx 6" D-Guard Sawteeth

Seal Team Knife

Ultra Phalanx 6" w/ Saw Teeth

Seal Team Knife

Ultra Phalanx 6" D Guard

Seal Team Knife

Ultra Phalanx 6" Knife

This Ultra Phalanx was the 1st design made for a Seal Team in 2006

Dart-Boot Knife


EDC Super Duty Pocket Knife

Tough Everyday Carry Pocket Knife or belt.


Spear Point BADASS!!

L.R.R.P. Knife

Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol

Pathfinder Hunter Skinner Bushcraft knife

Heavy Duty Skinner with interchangeable handles and a multitude of blade colors and sheaths . USA made not marked made in USA and made in China !

Recon Hunter

Drop Point Hunter

The Beast

The Camp Clever

Large Combat Handles

Handle Options for all of the Ultra Phalanx, Beast, Combat Hunter, LRRP, 8" Combat, Machete Knives and Hatchet.

Small Combat Handles

Handles for all of the TASS, Recon, 19 Delta, Harpoon and Pathfinders

Treeman Combat Sticker

Combat Knives Logo Sticker