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Treeman Woodmonk Skinner Studebaker Spring Crown Stag

Horsehide handle Belt buckle Sheath
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This J. Behring handmade Woodmonk Skinner is about as cool as it gets when it comes to old school traditional hunting knives. Hand hammered studebaker spring steel 6" blade  with a silver soldered brass guard . Blade is about .190 thick so it will cut real nice. I date stamped this blade like the early scagel VL&A knives were stamped. Handle is stacked horse hide with a bunch of hand cut spacers. We made the best all around sheath with a belt buckel keeper strap. The very best way not to lose your knife in the bush in a belt buckel sheath. It will only come out when you really want it to. 9oz veg tanned brown latigo leather . Made to last and provide many years of service. Thanks, Jim