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***Treeman Woodmonk Ivory Sledrunner Handle ~ 1st Beavertail Sheath out of our leather shop !!

1st EVER!! Beaver Tail Sheath made by TREEMAN Leather Shop!!!
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Its been a long time coming and its up and running.The Treeman leather Shop  . Now I  have complete control over what I  want to make and will bring back  the old school classic scagel style sheaths and many of Bo Randalls first designs as well.   This Woodmonk hunter  has the first sheath  that made it up on our website . This J. Behring Handmade Treeman " Woodmonk Woodcraft & Nesmonk Cross" has a   5 7/8" " hand forged blade hammered down to a fast cutting  .200 with a convex grind and a razor sharp edge.  Nice wide blade with that high top clip just right for the perfect skinner.  The nickel silver guard and the hidden tang handle has a few thick green and brown and a few thin brass hand cut washers to add a pop to the already beautiuul artifact sledrunner ivory handle.  All my Ivory is stablilized so it will last even longer than ever. Long dam time with no cracks or issues at all.  Overall length is about 11".  The hand made  fit to the knife Treeman sheath is horse hide with beaver tail  with a few rivets in the right places .  Badd Ass sheath and dated  .  This is  one hell of a rig and its priced to sell.  Thanks, Jim Behring