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Treeman Woodmonk 5 3/4" Crown Stag

In addititon to this bad ass knife is the custom made Ostrich inlay sheath.
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This J.Behring handmade Woodmonk has a 5 3/4" handforged balde made from 5160 steel and hammered  ( by hand no machine)down to .250 with a choil made for the ease of keeping the blade RAZOR sharp.  The hidden tang handle has a brass guard.. The hand-cut spacers he used are beautiful colors of brown,green,brass&black that compliment the horse hide washers.  Made to fit a mans hand guaranteed everytime! He finished it with a brass pinned piece of crown stag ( which is my favorite). SUCH a great looking package~!

The OAL is 11+ " and comes in a custom fitted handmade sheath leather,blonde stitching and the best part Ostrich inlay! All the materials we use are the best in the industry.  100% guarantee...thank you small business and always MADe in AMerica!!