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Treeman Woodcraft Sled runner 5 1/4"BeaverTail

Ancient Walrus artifact...Fitted with a BeaverTail sheath! 3 animals in 1 knife package!!
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This J.Behring handmade Woodcraft(style) knife has a 5 1/4" handforged blade made of old school spring steel with the TREEMAN anvil stamp struck deep into the steel as well as a choil for keeping this blade RAZOR SHARP! .  The hidden tang handle has a nickel silver guard with a perfect assortment of hand-cut spacers thin brass,copper,thick black that make the handle look even richer than it already is!  The handle is an ancient fossil walrus ivory sled runner tip.  HARD to find such beauty to re-purpose!  Thenickel silver pinned walrus ivory Sled runner tip has such warm colors ..on  one side its  shades of caramel and the other has the same with streaks blue which is hard to find.  The OAL is 10 1/2" and comes in a hand made Beaver-Tail drop down leather belt sheath right here in the Treeman Leather Shop.  Thankyou DEE