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Order Only ! Treeman Skull Fighter Stag Aluminum Tooled sheath

Bad Ass Knife ! 100 % Hand Made !
SKU: tmk739
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Order this knife today and you can have one like it or better in 3 to 9 weeks. ! This Skull Fighter sold before I could list it. I can make another real close with some over the top sambar stag and in blade lengths from 5" to 9". If you have an interest call us or email anytime. Full 1/4" thick convex ground blade with my new BIG double skull stamp. Stag is top shelf and the butt is high grade air craft aluminum. Cost vary's with blade length but the cost for a 6 1/2" blade fighter is listed and ready for orders.  3 to 8 week wait. Sheaths can be what ever you desire. Stone pouch cost a bit more as well as special tooling. Plain belt sheath a little less. Guard can be nickel or brass. Thanks, Jim  shop 586 749 9069 refer to SKU 739