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Treeman Scagel Pot Holder camp Knife

Copper Guard antiqued sheath
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This J. Behring Handmade Old school Scagel style Pot Holder Camp Knife Pg # 136  in the hard cover book of Sagel Knives. This is one hell of a knife and you have to hold it in your hand to appreicate the weight and balance. I didnt intend to make an exact replica but way cooler  and a bit more stout. The blade is 7" long and a fill .250 thick. Nice deep stamp. Pot holder notch in the right spot and a silcer soldered copper guard . Big stabilized walnut spacer from a giant local michigan walnut stump my buddy took down. The handle is horse hide with some thick black ,maroon copper finished off with a stag butt capped with pinned copper. OAL is about 12 3/4' Comes in a baddass custom made old school antiqued black riveted sheath . This is one of my favorite knives of 2018 and I might just keep it. Thanks, Jim