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Treeman Sambar Stag/ Stag Hump Back Skull Fighter HD 8" Blade

Stone Pouch Sheath
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This J. Behring Hump Back Skull fighter has a super duty 8" extra wide convex ground hand forged 1095 blade. Triple tempered and quenched in Harley Davidson and Royal purple oil and a few other proprietary ingredients. Tough as nails and will out cut and slash through wood, chickens ,fish and all the crap they cut on the TV shows x 10.  The guard is silver soldered and made of  cartridge quality brass. The heavy duty tang runs almost the the end of the butt. Sambar . Rock solid sambar Stag /Stag pinned extra long handle made for a man sized hand.. OAL is about 13 3/4". The sheath is all custom made to fit this knife and no other. Heavy stitch with rivets, tie down and stone pouch. Big skull stamp too. Priced to sell . Thanks, Jim