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Treeman Ruana Style Old School Brass back Bowie

Belt Buckle sheath
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his J. behring handmade bowie has a 10" hand forged spring steel blade with hammermarks and a 14" hollow grind. Fiull .250 thick and sharp as hell. Cut me pretty badd!  The brass back perry strip is about 5 1/2" long and pipnned 3 places and silver soldered. The double brass guard is silver soldered as well. The heavy duty hidden tang runs almost the the end of the double pinned brass butt cap. Tang is about 1/2" x 1/4" . Real AAA red stag and a nice easy to look at spacer pattern. Oal is about 17" . Rocco made great belt buckel sheath for this big boy. This one sold before we could list it as most of the 30 knives I made in july have. Watch instagram and our face book page for new knives I finish up just about every other day.  See some thing you like call in an order and we will get it done. Thanks, Jim