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ORDER ONLY ! J. Behring Handmade Replica Scagel Arrow Head Birds beak camp knife Pg. 130 Red book

Made to order only ! 2 to 6 weeks delivery time . All Numbered knives !
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Made to order only !  2 to 6 weeks delivery time. This J. Behring Handmade Scagel Arrow head birds beak knife is about as bad ass as they come. One of my favorites ! This knife was featured in the Scagel Red hard cover book on age 130. I know the man who ownes this knife and its one rare old school Scagel. My replica has a .250 thick convex ground razor sharp blade hand forged from 1095 or 5160 spring steel. Your choice. Blade is just under 8" and the OAL is about 13" . Big wide belly and a silver soldered brass guard. Hidden extra heavy duty tang that ri=uns almost to the eend of the silid brass birds beak pinned butt. Nickel silver hand hammered pinned arrow head on the end oof the butt. Stacked horsehide with a spacer arrangement just like the real knife. The Original Scagel would run arount 20K or more. Comes with a made to fit full stitch pancake sheath. Feels wonderful in the hand and mad to be handed down for decades to come. Delivery time will be from 2 to 6 weeks .  Thanks, Jim

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