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Treeman PIG Sticker Double Skull 10 " Heavy Duty Hammermark hand forged blade

Old World Harness leather Belt Buckel Sheath
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This Treeman J. Behring Handmade Pig Sticker had a hand forged 10" + .250 thick blade  3 1/2" of sharp top clip made of old school 5160 . Nice deep 14" hollow grind with double skull pig fighter stamps.  Brass double guards with  a great stack of spacers. The handle is a big ass piece of high grade sambar stag with a 1/4" thick pinned brass butt cap made to palm strike with your hand to drive it in through the ribs ,fur and hide. Overall length is about 16". Ths sheath is all hand made one of a kind super duty belt buckel sheath. We used the very best herman oaks old world harness leather in a 10/12 oz weight. This is by far the toughest leather on the planet. This harness leather is  made the old school way just like back in the early days before WW2 with natural liquor from tree bark. This leather was used on dam near every horse harness, strap and belt ,saddle ect and many different military items and gear that required hard core leather . This is the good stuff. I only know of one other sheath/knife maker that uses it. Ed Fowler.  Its very expensive and we at Treeman knives only use the very best materials on all of out knives and leather goods.