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Gransfors Bruk Treeman leather Small Hatchet Sheath

Heavy duty 12oz. Ed Fowler Herman Oaks Old World Harness leather. Custom fitted handmade for the small mini hatchet and small carving hatchet. Free Shipping The last picture is a comparison.

Treeman Leather Shop custom handmade Axe sheaths for all Gransfors Bruk Axes. Made one at a time  with the very best Herman Oaks Old World harness leather in a 12oz weight. Ed Fowler uses this Old World harness leather on all his custom made knives! It cost 49.00 a sq.ft  to buy and then you have to make the sheath. It will out last and hold up to hard use better than dam near anything  out there. We use solid brass automitive grade rivets not some cheap china made shit like most. These rivets are made here in michigan and there the very best. You get what you pay for.Buy junk and you will always have junk. Buy the Rolex of axe sheaths.   Call us for your leather work.We can made dam near any sheath for just about and knife or axe with a 5 to 10 day turn around. Call the shop anytime or send you knife to use with a note. Thanks, Jim  586-749-9069

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