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Handmade Hunter Leather Boarder Partol Handle

Beautiful Tooled Treeman Leather sheath!
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This J.Behring Handmade Hunter has a  4 1/4 " handforged balde made of good old school 1095  steel with a razor sharp edge. Rc is about 57. Perfect blade for whitetails to rabbits.  Thickness is around .190  and about 1 1/4". wide. The silver solders guard is brass and the hidden tang handle has a stack of hand cut spacers along with some horse hide. I  finished it all off with a great piece of sambar stag.  pinned and epoxied and built the old school way. One at a time buy  one man. The overall length is about 8 3/4". The Treeman leather shop sheath is all hand made horse hide with a little tooling on the front panel . High end automotive brass rivets and heavy duty stitching will be the total of a life time rig you can hand down for several generations. Priced to sell. Thanks, JIm Behring Treeman