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**Treeman Handmade Trout & Deer

4 1/4" Trout & Deer Sambar Stag Domed brass butt
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This J Behring handmade Trout & Deer knife has a 4 1/4" hand forged blade made of old school 1095 american made steel .  The hidden tang handle has a cartridge quality silver soldered  brass guard followed by thick black thick maroon and black  classic spacer pattern with a super nice all natural solid as marble stick of pinned sambar stag.  Wonderful color and just the right curve in the handle to not only look good but feel good as well.   Jim finished this premium handle off with a pinned and two tone epoxy 1/4" doomed   brass butt.  Lots of extra work goes in to the brass butt when done properly ,not just glued on !   The OAL is 9" and comes in a handmade ( by ROCCO) Treeman leather shop herman oaks quality leather  pouch sheath with brass automotive grade rivits. This is a real nice size hunting knife you can use and hand down for generations. Date stamped too.. Jim makes on average of 45 handmades a month ,they sell faster than we can list them on the web site. We decided to list at least 5 knives a week so everybody gets a qrack at them.  Thank you! Dee