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Treeman Handmade Deer & Trout Drop Tine Brass Butt Toad Skin

African Giant Toad Skin Sheath
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This J. Behring Hand made Deer & Trout knife has a hand forged hand hammered 1095 high carbon steel blade with a super strong convex grind and a super sharp edge. nice deep stamps and dated 2018 USA. The cartridge quality rass guard is silver soldered to perfection. The hidden tand runs almost to the end of the baddass drop tine brass capped butt. Wonderful lines and curves and all pinned and two toned so it will last several generations. Oal is about 9 1/4". Swelled handle so it feels good in the hand . The seath is made to fit and has a african giang toad skin inlay with a heavy stitch all aroiund and solid brass american made rivets. Great looking and a perfect field knife for the professional hunter outdoorsman. Thanks, Jim