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Treeman Handmade Deer & Trout AAA Stag Ox Butt Cap NS Guard

Elephant ear sheath
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his TDeer & Trout has a hand forged 4 1/4" long convex ground blade made of vintage studebaker spring. Blade thickness is about .180. The silver soldered guard is nickel silver. Nice flawless bead that makes this knife alomst one piece. Spacers are all hand cut one off pattern with a vintage westing house ivory in the middle that will turn yellow with age. Hidden tang runs almost to the end the the Musk Ox Bark butt cap. Pinned AAA sambar stag with a crows beak . OAL is about 91/4 ish. This is a beefy knife and made to last . The sheath is custom fit and made of the very best american made lwather. The inlay is african elephant ear leather. Stainless steel rivets not some cheap zinc crap from chine.  Nice package and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim