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*Treeman Handmade 5 1/4" Sticker/hunter Nickel hardware Horsehide Mule Deer Worn Hole crotch Stag 1/2014

This is the last one made in 2014 Cool worn bump with a hole in the stag butt
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This Treeman handmade Sticker/Hunter has a 5 1/4" hand forged blade with a convex grind and a razor sharp edge. The silver soldered guard in nickel silver. The hidden tang handle has a nice stack of cool spacers with horsehide and a wonderful  mule deer shed crotch stag butt with a bump and a neat little hole. When this deer was in velvet  it had a worn dig in and make a home on his rack. It shead velvet and stayed this way.  Instead of grinding it off I left it. Looks real cool.  Overall length of this knife is 10 3/4". Blade thickness in around .190 or so.  The Treeman leather Shop sheath is our super duty model with a horse hide liner sewn in it.  I dont care who you are you won't be able to squeeze this sheath with both hands and all your strength and squish it together. Its as stout as you will ever see.  I used automotive rivets  made of stainless steel. They're the best.  Nice meduim brown color and made to fit the knife. This is a great knife and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim