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"LaMigra" Border Patrol Knife

Border Patrol Knife LaMigra = Spanish slang for immigration
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"La Migra” is slang for Border Patrol-Immigration. Great all around hard use knife. Watch the knife test . I cut up shingles, beat it through a steel door, 3/4" ply wood, beat on 4 sheets of aluminum on a 10ply trailer tire and hit the steel rim several times. Then beat on a 55 gallon drum lid and pierced it and it held up fine. Still sharp. Still ready to go and is so well balanced it makes a killer throwing knife. Thong hole is a glass breaker and protects the handle when you throw it. The sleek 3/16" thick  blade has a flat top for bush craft and a deep hollow grind with a choil for easy sharpening. Handle is full tang and hollow so you can keep several 100 dollar bills, 1/4 oz of gold, fishing line and a hook in the handle. Handle on this knife is held together with 2 barrel screws. Cerakote finish that will not rust and will look good and stay on. Comes with well made custom fit and lined c4 industries kydex sheath or a handmade TREEMAN leather shop sheath. Perfect lines and made in Michigan USA. Warranty is my life time. Thanks, Jim Behring

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Products specifications
Overall Length 9.75"
Blade Length Tip to Guard 5.00"
Blade Thickness .1875"
Blade Material O1 Tool Steel
Blade Style Chute
Blade Grind Hollow
Rockwell 56-57
Finish Cerakote
Handle Length 4.50"
Weight 7.6 oz
Made In USA
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