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*Treeman Classic 8" Double Skull Fighter Stag brass Pinned Butt

Hand forged made in the USA Sullivan Old School Wide mouth Sheath
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This J. Behring Handmade Skull Fighter is hand forged American made high grade 1095 steel with a razor sharp convex grind. The brass guard is silver soldered. The blade is  .250 thick and a full 8" long. Extra long man sized handle has  hand cut two ton glued up  hand stackedp thick black ,old maroon ,brass spacers along  with a killer piece of sambar stag. I also added a pinned .190 thick brass butt cap . Overall length is about 13.5". Nice old school classic fighter like the old man used to make back in the day. Bo Randall that is...His old school fighters are the best and always will be. Comes in a sullivan made wide mouth butterfly stitch stone pouch sheath. Great knife and ready to go. Blade show in next week. See you there. Jim