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Treeman 8" Camp Knife Musk OX

All the whistles and Bells. AAA popcorn Stag MuskOX butt BIG and BAD ASS! Crazy Horse leather Sheath
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This J.Behring handmade Campknife has a 8" handforged blade made of old school spring steel with choil to keep this beast sharp!  The stamps are struck deep TREEMAN ANVIL and dated USA 2017 on reverse. The hidden tang handle has a double brass guard with all hand-cut spacers that add to the beauty of this  POPCORN STAG AAA Sambar stag handle. Hard to find the Sambar Stag like this!!  Jim finished it with a nice piece of MUSK OX that's pinned and epoxied guaranteed to never come off.  The OAL is over 13" and comes in one bad ass CRAZY HORSE leather handmade by ROCCO here in the TREEMAN leather Shop.  Thank you..DEE