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Treeman knives now has a custom leather shop on site . We make all of our own sheaths and can make custom sheaths for collectors and makers and even the very best replica sheaths in a fast turn around time of 2 weeks or less. Call for pricing.

Below are some photos of the shop, with knives in various stages of completion.  This is an old school style knife shop with very basic technology plus design, creativity, and innovation.  I work hard to constantly improve the product.  If there is one constant around the shop, it is that everything is always in a state of progression.  From the handle material, to spacer colors, design influences, to a new buffing wheel, I'm always looking for a better, sharper, stronger, cleaner finished knife.

Jim Behring in the shop

Every knife I make gets the same care and respect.  I like to think that they have a sort of soul or character that connects with a guy.  I'm striving to make a knife that will be passed down through generations of people that truly appreciate the necessity of a handmade, handforged knife.  To create something that is made in the US and not by a third world country for a nickel an hour.  And made by someone who doesn't need to be part of a club to sell knives, or follow a set of rules.  I believe in using only the highest quality materials, from hand picking premium sambar stag to artifact fossil ivory and naturally stabilized shed antler from across the United States.  I make what I believe is the best knife out there.   The kind of knives that work as well as they look and feel.  The kind of knives people will write books about and tell stories to their kids about.



2015..more pics to come!!!!