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Ruana vintage 21A 5" M Stamped

Real Nice Early

Ruana Vintage 21A Delux Sticker Mint M Stamped

Really Nice Elk Horn Handle 1/18/16

Ruana Vintage 22H hatchet 1981/2/3

Mint as they come !

Ruana Vintage 22H hatchet M Stamp

Early Axe 'M' stamp

Ruana Vintage 22H hatchet signed by R.H.Ruana

22H is a must have for any vintage Ruana collection

Ruana Vintage 26c Semi Skinner

Mint "M" stamp

Ruana Vintage 26C Signed by Rudy

Vintage Semi Skinner

Ruana Vintage 26CD Semi Skinner

M Stamped Mint Knife late 70s early 80s.

Ruana Vintage 27AC 7" M stamped

One of the last M stamps

Ruana Vintage 27AC BIG M Stamp Made 1962 7 1/2" Blade

Deluxe Stone Pouch Full Cover Sheath

Ruana Vintage 28C Big M Stamp Rare Knife

Killer Sheath and the best elk Horn !

Ruana Vintage 28C Mint Knife

Nice Elk Horn

Ruana Vintage 8B M stanped

Great Elk Horn

Ruana Vintage Early Knife Stamp BIG Skinner

Big wide blade Cross hatch thumb notches 50s Vintage

Ruana Vintage knife stamp 16A Alaskan Standard model

Nice used old Ruana cross hatch thumb notches

Ruana Vintage M Stamped 20A 5 " Blade

Heavy Duty big Honken Old School Rudy made Hunter

Ruana Vintage M Stamped 27AC 9 " Blade

Mint Knife Original Sheath

Ruana vintage M Stamped 28 C

Made 1962 to 1983

Ruana Vintage M stamped MINT 16-A

Good as they get !

Ruana Vintage One of a Kind Knife Stamp

Looks like a 28CD ???

Ruana Vintage Signed 27AC 9" Blade

Hard to find 9" Blade

Ruana Vintage Signed Blade 12B

Old price on sheath

Ruana Vuntage 38C brass back Bowie Signed M

Made 1962 to 1983. 12 5/8" Blade

S. Morseth Cascade Skinner Safety Loc Sheath Mint

Stag with Nickel Guard 4 1/4" Hollow Ground Blade

Schrade D' Holder Limited Edition SDH03 Stag Knife

#300 of 500 Bronze Elk Horn Insert Stag Handle

Steve Voorhis 10" Bowie Stag NS Lugged Guard

15 1/2" OAL Nickel Butt Nickel Collar .250" blade

Steve Voorhis Subhilt Fighter

7 " Blade Black Micarta handle

Treeman ONE -Of A KIND vintage Sawblade BADASS!

J Behring made vintage circular saw blade natural patina!!
Call for pricing

Treeman "BIG STUBBY" Hammermark Exhibition Grade Stag!!

Heavy Duty 4+" .250" Big Stubby with AAA Exhibition Grade Rootbeer red Sambar Stag 10+++
Call for pricing

Treeman "Sterile" ghost Skull fighter STAG STAG!!

Beautiful Sterile Ghost Fighter!! One of a kind!
Call for pricing

Treeman 8" Hammermark Double Skull Fighter Stag

Red Sambar Stag Old School Wide Mouth Rough Back Sheath
Call for pricing

Treeman Big Bay Hunter Exhibition Grade Sambar Stag

5" Heavy Duty 1/4" thick blade Big Compass
Call for pricing

Treeman Double Skull Old School Bo Randall Style Fighter

Model 1 8" hand forged blade Stag Stag Stag ! American Made !
Call for pricing

Treeman Double Skull Stag Fighter 8 1/2" Hand Forged Blade

Brass Double guard and pinned Brass Butt cap
Call for pricing

Treeman Hammermark Heavy Duty Caper Rootbeer Stag

Nickel Guard carver style handle with a big compass Lined pouch sheath
Call for pricing

Treeman Handmade 6" Woodcraft Stag Hunter/Skinner Stag

Heavy Duty Super Skinner with a big fat stag handle. Nice !
Call for pricing

TREEMAN Handmade Cleaver with gator sheath!!!

SOLD FASTER than I could list it!! 2 more coming in the near future..THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Call for pricing

Treeman Handmade Drop Tine Hunter Brass Butt Old School Scagel Style Pancake Sheath.

Horsehide handle with the perfect size blade for the serious outdoorsman
Call for pricing

Treeman Handmade Hunters Axe Exhibition Grade Sambar Stag

Brass domed butt cap green & westinghouse ivory micarta spacers
Call for pricing

Treeman Handmade Machinaw Hunter Last two Sheath .22cal

Hammermark Sambar stag
Call for pricing

Treeman Handmade Trout & Deer Signed Skull

A trout and deer hunter that was suppose to be a skull fighter.. ONE of A KIND!
Call for pricing

Treeman Hoof Pick Stag

Sambar Stag Horsehide Sheath
Call for pricing

Treeman Hunters

Call or e mail for pricing ..Hollow ground blades all handmade in the USA

Treeman J. Behring Handmade Skull Fighter

Pancake Sheath ,Nickel Guard
Call for pricing

Treeman J. Behring Handmade Stag/Stag Trout & Deer Knife

Antiqued Walnut belt sheath
Call for pricing

Treeman J.Behring Handmade 7.5 " Fighter "No Skulls"

Horsehide Mule Deer Crotch Stag Butt
Call for pricing

TREEMAN Michigan Hunter lea/stag

Big-Time hunting knife!! Beautiful leather and Stag butt!
Call for pricing

Treeman Mini Hatchet

Horsehide Crown Stag 6" OAL

Treeman PIG Sticker Double Skull 10 " Heavy Duty Hammermark hand forged blade

Old World Harness leather Belt Buckel Sheath
Call for pricing

Treeman Skull Fighter

Red Stag Ivory Butt Cap

Treeman Stubby Border Patrol Stag Handle

Nickel Silver guard and butt plate. Just over 3" blade~ Great knife! Horsehide sheath by ROCCO Treeman Leather Shop
Call for pricing