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Ruana 21A Vintage M Stamped Sticker

Deluxe Sheath stone pouch

Ruana 22 H- Hatchet

Ruana 22 H Hatchet 4 3/4" handle ~ 3/8" stock 10.5" OAL. Very popular light duty hatchet. Great around camp or out in the field for quartering large game. The tool you use for chopping instead of the knife.

Ruana 22h Hatchet

Might be the last one ?

Ruana 22H Hatchet

Current production Ruana 22 H hatchet

Ruana 22H hatchet early Big "M" Stamp Rare !

Large M far and few Made for one year 1962

Ruana 22H Hatchet M stamped

Nice Elk Horn Mint Condition

Ruana 25 AC workman

VINTAGE signed blade "R H RUANA"

Ruana 25AC 6"

Brand New Mint Ruana

Ruana 25AC 6" Custom Workman M Stamped

Full Cover Tie Down Sheath

Ruana 25C Custom Workman Signed Blade

Mint knife early 1980s

Ruana 26C Vintage M Stamped Semi Skinner

Hard to find Knife Made 1962 to 1983

Ruana 27 AC 9"

New Era 9" custom finn less than retail.

Ruana 27AC 6" M Stamp


Ruana 27AC 7" Blade M Stamp

Real early Knife 60s

Ruana 27C M Stamped Early Knife

Nice Patina 5 " Blade Thumb Notches

Ruana 28C Custom Skinner M stamped

"Mint" knife with original sheath

Ruana 29A JR. Bowie Custom no guard

'M' Stamp Brass Back one off knife.

Ruana 29A Jr.Bowie Brass back 1976 Signed

M Stamp Vintage Mint Bowie

Ruana 35B Brass Back Signed Bowie 1977

Signed and dated by Rudy Ruana

Ruana 42D Tooth Pick Butt Stamped M

Early Tooth Pick

Ruana 6BD

Brand New Mint all around great hunting knife.

Ruana 95AD

Brand New Mint Knife

Ruana AC Custom Workman 6" Blade

Brand new Mint Knife

Ruana Alaskan Series 19B Skinner 1938/43

Rare 4 Pin Square Cut Handle Correct Sheath

Ruana early 13A Knife Stamp 1940s

One pin very early nice patina

Ruana Early 26C Knife Stamp

Made 1944 to 1962

Ruana Knife Stamp 12B 1944 to 1962

Nice Elk Horn Mint older Ruana

Ruana M Stamped 25AC 6" Custom Workman

Nice old Ruana with wonderful elk horn handle
Call for pricing

Ruana M Stamped 26C Mint Knife

Custom Semi Skinner

Ruana One of a Kind Flat Grind Big M

Made 1962 Custom Workman

Ruana Smoker Jumper M Stamp

Rare Hard To Find 10B

Ruana Square Cut 3Pin 11A 1944

Rudy Mint Knife

Ruana Vintage 13A "M" stamp

Rudy Mint Condition, Vintage 13A

Ruana Vintage 14B Skinner M stamp

5" Blade Great elk horn

Ruana vintage M Stamp 22H Hatchet

Ruana M Stamped 22-H 1962-1983

Ruana Vintage 11A Custom Trout & Bird M Stamped

Rare Little Dude ! "as Tony Blanton would say "

Ruana Vintage 11A R.H.Ruana

Rudy Made Knife

Ruana Vintage 11A sticker M Stamp

Mint Knife Made 1962 to 1983

Ruana vintage 12B Knife Stamp

Laced Belt buckel sheath

Ruana Vintage 13A Big M Stamp

Made only one year 1962

Ruana Vintage 16A 6" Early M Stamp Knife

Original Sheath Nice older knife

Ruana Vintage 16A Knife Stamp 1944 to 1962

Rare old Ruana 6" blade in unused Rudy Mint condition.

Ruana Vintage 16A Signed by Rudy

If this knife could talk !

Ruana Vintage 18A M Stamped Sticker

Rare Pattern Mint

Ruana Vintage 19B Skinner M Stamped

Nice Elk Horn Rare Pattern

Ruana Vintage 20A M Stamped 1965

Killer Older Big Ruana skinner

Ruana Vintage 21A 5"

M Stamp Nice Old Elk Horn