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Randall Model 2-7 JRB Gray Stone Carbon Blade Mint Knife

This is a real DEAL ! CHEAP for a early Vietnam era Randall.

Randall Model 27 Prem stag Nickel butt plate

Randall Retail 530.00 Extra Options brass guard stainless steel blade NS butt plate

Randall Model 28

Brand New Knife below retail no 4 year wait

Randall Model 2-8 Stag Handle Rough back sheath lugged guard brass butt

Mint older Model 2 with some great options

Randall Model 3-6 1962 Brown Button Sheath

Leather Aluminum with 2 tone black % gray stone
Call for pricing

Randall Model 5 Camp & Trail NEW

Retail for 560.00 Ivorite Micarta SS

Randall Model 8-4

Mint Knife Stag Handle

Randall Solingen Model 14 Humpback Vietnam Era Riveted Sheath

Mint knife with correct two tone stone and riveted sheath

Randall Stanaback Special # 75 Mint

This is an early Model Stanaback special .

Randall Tom Clinton Special Loaded up with options

Early Johnson Rough Back Sheath

Randall Vintage Marbles Axe

# 3 Head Leather Aluminum Handle Rare !

Randall Vintage Model

Model 5.5 and a Model 21

Randall Vintage 4-5 Two Tone Gray Stone

Stag Rough Back sheath

Randall Vintage Model 12-8 Big Bear Bowie

White Stone Rough back sheath Nice Stag

Rare Randall Made Model 24 Guardian Westinghouhe Yellow Micarta handle Maruice Johnson Butterfly Rubber band sheath

This is one of the rarest Randalls made . This early fishtail handle configuration is seldon seen and was made in 1979 and they went to the rounded style handle in the 80s. . The westinghouse yellow micarta is the shit and very hard to find. . Mint Knife mint sheath great price.

Ray Cover Handmade Drop point Hunter

Westinghouse Ivory Micarta handle ATS34 blade

Ray Cover 2 bladed Trapper RED STAG

Slip Joint 3 1/4" ATS 34 blades Stainless Steel bolsters FLAWLESS FIT AND FINISH

Ray Cover Drop point Hunter

The best of them all !

Raymond Thorp Bowie 12-13 Mint 1970's Gray Stone

Never sharpened or used Nice Johnson Rough back sheath

Ron Gaston Stag Drop Point Hunter Mint as new

Stainless Bolsters ,tapered tang
Call for pricing

Ron Welling 5 1/2" Blade Scagel Style Hunter

Nickel Guard Laced Sheath

Ruana "M" stamp Vintage 22H Hatchet

Nice Elk Horn on this one !

Ruana 10A Smoke Jumper Midget M Stamped

Made from 1962 to early 80s.

Ruana 10A Midget Smoke Jumper BIG M

Super Rare Knife Made 1962

Ruana 11 A "M" Stamp

Nice Elk Horn

Ruana 11A Early Knife Stamp 4" Blade Rudy Mint

Rare Old Ruana with a flat top guard and blade. Mid 40s early 50s

Ruana 11A KNife Stamp Made 1944/1962 MINT !

Like the day it was made !

Ruana 13 A skinner

Mint knife early 80s.

Ruana 13A 5" Blade M Stamp Mint Knife

Treeman leather Shop Sheath

Ruana 13A little skinner Vintage M stamp

The perfect Deer Hunting Knife

Ruana 13A M Stamp New Listing 8/14

Mint Ruana Nice Elk Horn

Ruana 13A M Stamp Little Skinner

Nice old knife !

Ruana 13a Mint Vintage "M" Stamp

Treeman Leather Shop Full Cover Sheath

Ruana 13A skinner M stamp

"M" stamp Nice Patina original full cover sheath

Ruana 13A Vintage Knife Stamp 1944 to1962

Mint Condition Early Knife

Ruana 13B R.H.RUANA Signed Blade

4" Early 80's SIGNED BLADE Mint Knife

Ruana 14B M Stamp

Nice Elk Horn

Ruana 15C 6" Blade M Stamped

Made 1962 to 1963

Ruana 16A Vintage M Stamp

Sticker 6" Blade

Ruana 1943/1944 Square Insert handle early Skinner

3 Pin Handle 5 " Blade Belt buckel Sheath listed 8/14
$1,050.00 $0.00

Ruana 20A Deluxe 6" Knife Stamp

Made 1944 to 1962 ,Cross hatch Thumb notches

Ruana 21A 5" Deluxe M Stamp

Made 1962 to 1983

Ruana 21A Dekluxe M stamp Big Sticker

Awesome Elk Horn with a Deluxe sheath

Ruana 21A Deluxe 6" M stamped Deluxe

Elk Horn Handle AAA+