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Noren Scagel Style Hunter ABS Master smith Maker

Early Noren Hunter "hard to believe its this dam cheap!
$265.00 $225.00

R.L.Wilson Winchester Book Randall Model 12-6

R.L.Wilson is the author of the Winchester An American legend hard cover book. R.L.Wilson on the blade with his Name and adress on the back of the sheath stamped.

Ralph Bone 1981 Brass Back Confederate Bowie Mint

This is as nice as they get. Bone started at Randall Made Knives .

Rambo 3

Comes in wood presentation box .
Call for pricing

Randall Made Knives Combat Companion

New RETAIL 515.00 with options

Randall 12-11c Confederate Bowie Brass Back Maroon Micarta

Lugged guard, Collar with Flutted pommel

Randall 1970's Model 13 Arkansas Toothpick

Original !!!!!! 6" Blade 1/4"Stock brass Hilt Nickel lugged Butt NEW RETAIL 490.00

Randall 8" Model 2 Fighting Stiletto SS

Vintage johnson Roughback sheath. keller condition. very nice knife to up grade any collection.

Randall Alaskan Model 11-5 Fighter Nickel Stag

Stainless Blade Nickel Guard & Butt Sambar Stag Hard to find configuration

Randall Combat Companion Full Tang CCFT

Brand New Below retail~

Randall Combat Companion MINT as new

RETAIL 535.00 5" SS blade SAW Double Brass Rounded Brass Butt Green Micarta handle

Randall Made 12-6 Little Bear Bowie

Mint 12-6 in a plain snap sheath


MINT Stainless Blade Nickel Silver Guard 4 finger Grip Black Micarta Rubber Straps
$495.00 $465.00

Randall Made Vintage 1971 ish 12-11 Smithsonian Bowie

SP13 White Stone brass hardware Black Micarta cammando handle Nice and priced right

Randall Model 1 - 6 Vintage Stag Fighter 1960s

Mint Knife with a black & gray stone 7 spacer

Randall Model 1- 8" Mint

Black Micarta Options galore

Randall Model 1 Finger Grip MINT

Carbon Blade Double Brass Guard Duralumin Butt Cap Finger Grip Leather NEW RETAIL 405.00

Randall Model 10-7 Fisherman Desert Ironwood

Real nice Randall Model 10-7 Fisherman in Desert Ironwood. Just like the day it was made!!
$265.00 $245.00

Randall Model 11-3 Alaskan Skinner

Retail 385.00 ( with extras)445.00 Nickel Butt plate Nickel Guard

Randall Model 12-11 Vintage Smithsonian Bowie

11" blade 3/8" thick REAL nice STAG! MINT!!

Randall Model 14 Attack Carbon Blade

Retail 395.00 BUY IT NOW for less than retail. Green micarta finger grip handle Brass Guard

Randall Model 14 CDT Stag Loaded Up with Options Mint !

Special Order hard to find Randall

Randall Model 14 CDT Stag Plain snap sheath Mint !

CDT Nickel Guard Stainless Blade Aluminum Butt made late 80s 90s. $215 in options

Randall Model 14 Mini # 1438 Mint

Comes with original 2004 invoice from Randall with correct zipper case.

Randall Model 14 SS NS NEW

Retail for 535.00

Randall Model 14 Stainless Steel Blade MINT

retail 445.00 •BLADE LENGTH: 7.5" •BLADE STOCK: 1/4" •HANDLE SHAPE: 4 Finger Grip, HANDLE MATERIAL: Black Micarta •HILT STYLE: Brass Double •WEIGHT: 14 oz.

Randall Model 15 Airman

Brand new...MINT

Randall Model 15 Airman Vietnam Era Riveted split back Soligen

Saw Teeth, Stainless Blade Rare Knife

Randall Model 1-5 fighter pre 1995 Mint Knife

5" Blade Carbon Steel Made pre 1995 plain snap sheath

Randall Model 15 SS SAW Nickel Half Guard Border Patrol handle with an up graded sheath

TMK High Quality Leather Shop Sheath with carbide steel

Randall Model 16 Special Fighter

Brand New MINT retail 510.00

Randall Model 16 Special Fighter rare White Linen Handle

Clinton Era white linen micarta ,Randall Black Hawk tie down leg sheath .

Randall Model 16 Special Order reduced guard Knife

Rare Configuration Mint Knife

Randall Model 16-7 Special Fighter

Model 16-7 Special Fighter Model 1 Brass guard 4 Finger grip micarta with plain snap sheath..

Randall Model 17 – Astro New Below Retail

4 3/8" Hollow Black Micarta Handle ~ Designed for the seven Mercury astronauts, who carried them on America’s first manned space flights.

Randall Model 1-7 Fighting Knife

7 " Carbon blade Brass guard leather handle with aluminum butt cap.

Randall Model 1-7 Gray tone Rough back Sheath Stag Saw teeth

Nice Mint Vietnam Era Fighter 1960s early 70s.

Randall Model 1-7 Stag

Nice as they come with good stag

Randall Model 18 5.5 vintage knife

Small saw teeth straight gnarled butt cap

Randall Model 18 Attack 5 1/2" Blade SS NEW MINT

Knurled Handle Zipper Case Retail from Randall is $560.00

Randall Model 19 ASTRO JRB Sheath Greay stone

Vietnam Era knife
Call for pricing

Randall Model 2 8" Fighting Stiletto 80s 90s knife

Black Micarta Cammando Handle brass guard and butt . Lightly used oriced to sell

Randall Model 22 Outdoorsman

A real GEM!!

Randall Model 24 Guardian 1980s Westinghouse Yellow Micarta

Mint Knife rare as Hell ! Mint Safariland Randall boot clip butterfly rubber band concealment sheath. WOW!

Randall Model 24 Guardian 90s knife White linen micarta Rare Clinton made

Hard to find white linen used in the late 90s. Most of the white linen was scraped .

Randall Model 24 Guardian early Mint Knife Fish Tail Yellow Micarta handle rare Sheath

This is one hell of a hard to find Model 24 Maurice johnson butterfly Rubberband concealment Sheath

Randall Model 25 Trapper 5" Stag Stainless Blade

Brand new Mint Trapper pouch sheath with stone

Randall Model 25-5 MINT PREMUIM STAG

5" blade stainless steel nickel silver guard thumb notches REAL red stag

Randall Model 25-5 Trapper Stag MINT!

Brown stitch sheath

Randall Model 2-6

Vintage Rough Back Model 2-6