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Ruana Vintage knife stamp 16A Alaskan Standard model

Nice used old Ruana cross hatch thumb notches
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This is the way I like to see them.Made  some time from 1944 to 1962 .  If this knife could only talk ,I am sure it could tell some great storys. . This real early Ruana alaskan series 16A has been used and sharpened and probley skinned and gutted more elk and deer than most of us will ever see in a life time. Blade is still 5" long and plenty od steel left to skin another several life times of game. Crass hatched thumb notches. Nice stamps and killer elk horn in a solid cast aluminum handle. Sheath is original to the knife and in great shape. Priced to sell.This old Ruana needs to hang on a belt again and skin some deer.  Thanks, Jim